A formula gentle enough to use everyday. It won't strip or dehydrate your skin and can be used in the bath or shower. Add 2-3 pumps into warm running water for bathtime (relax and enjoy) or lather over body if using in the shower. Bubbles should be present at the beginning and then disappear - this means less chemicals and no residue. 


It's soap free! Soap is made by mixing a type of oil with a sodium hydroxide and/or potassium hydroxide - both of which are not in our BODY WASH. We do include oils, including coconut oils, however, none of these oils are mixed with a base to make soap. Aloe Vera forms the base of our wash, so it is anti-inflammatory and gentle on all skin types.


Perfect to partner with our Body Balm after bathing. The combination will leave your skin feeling cleansed and smelling of natural plant-based aromas.

Body Wash 500ml

  • It has a beautifully subtle scent that's not too strong or over-powering because there are no synthetic fragrances. We rely only on the organic essential oils to give the wonderful natural fragrance.


    Aloe Vera forms the base of the BABY WASH, so it’s very soothing and gentle!


    One bottle, when used daily can last about 3 months.

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