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101 Reasons to Choose Frankly Eco.



















  1. We value your time ~ so feel free to skip to no. 101!

  2. We’re cruelty-free.

  3. We do not test on animals.

  4. We’re vegan.

  5. Our products do not contain animals.

  6. Our product do not contain animal by-products.

  7. Our products are plant-based.

  8. Our products are natural.

  9. Our products contain organic essential oils.

  10. Our products are low-scent, meaning less chemicals.

  11. We’re Australian made.

  12. We’re developed by strong women.

  13. We’re gentle & kind ~ always.

  14. Our products are gentle & kind ~ always.

  15. We’re environmentally friendly.

  16. We’re eco.

  17. We’re gentle for all skin types.

  18. We’re passionate about gentle skincare.

  19. We’re a safe skincare option for you and your family.

  20. We love all bubbas and developed a gentle BABY MOISTURISER just for them.

  21. Our products are made with love & kindness.

  22. We love all Mummas.

  23. We are Mums.

  24. We can heal sore baby bum rash.

  25. We have a BABY BUM CREAM that soothes & protects.

  26. We can soothe cracked breastfeeding nipples with our NIPPLE OINTMENT.

  27. We can heal sore pregnancy nipples with our NIPPLE OINTMENT.

  28. We can heal cracked lips with our NIPPLE OINTMENT.

  29. We can rejuvenate your skin with our FACIAL MIST.

  30. We care about our customers – you!

  31. We can be frank – Frankly Eco.

  32. Our blog is called Frankly Speaking and speaks frankly.

  33. We share useful and interesting content in our blog.

  34. We love being cheeky.

  35. We’re also real and honest.

  36. We care about social causes.

  37. We support marriage equality.

  38. We support gender equality.

  39. We believe every child has the right to an education.

  40. We support pregnant Mums.

  41. We support single Mums.

  42. We support all Mums.

  43. Our BABY WASH can be used on the whole family.

  44. Our BABY WASH can be used as a shampoo.

  45. We offer gorgeous gift packs.

  46. We offer practical and pretty gift options.

  47. We gift wrap – saving you time, effort and money!

  48. We include a complimentary gift card when you buy our gift packs.

  49. We promote skin-to-skin contact with babies.

  50. We encourage women to use their instincts.

  51. We encourage nature play.

  52. We love spending time outdoors in nature.

  53. Our products are built from nature.

  54. Our products contain organic essential oils.

  55. We share our list of ingredients.

  56. We aim to educate.

  57. We laugh – a lot!

  58. We aim to support and inspire women.

  59. We encourage you to be you.

  60. We’ve got new products on the horizon.

  61. We’re always up for adventure.

  62. We are inspired by women.

  63. We are inspired by all cultures.

  64. We embrace differences.

  65. We embrace other cultures and other ways.

  66. We are your go-to when it comes to high quality low toxic skincare.

  67. We believe in the sisterhood.

  68. Our BODY BALM is non-greasy & fast drying.

  69. We are a great gift for new mums.

  70. We offer free shipping over $50.

  71. We deliver our products in an eco-friendly box.

  72. We wrap our products in bio degradable wrapping.

  73. Our brand was developed with years of education .

  74. Our products have no nasties.

  75. Our products have been tested on humans.

  76. We listen and love your feedback.

  77. We go out of our way to help our customers.

  78. We are frank.

  79. We have quick response rate.

  80. Our story is unique.

  81. Our products smell so good and natural, you could almost eat them.

  82. We are a company fully run by women.

  83. We pay women what they deserve – equal pay for all!

  84. We have long conversations with door-knockers and give them a chance, even if we aren’t interested in their religion.

  85. We believe in a work place where people are free to express themselves and their talents.

  86. We took two years to develop and perfect our range.

  87. We have some exciting new products coming this summer!

  88. Our products come packed with love.

  89. Our FACIAL MIST will pick you up…mmmmm…… fresh!

  90. Our NIPPLE OINTMENT is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

  91. We’re happy if you are happy.

  92. Our products make an excellent gift.

  93. We hand write our gift cards for a personal touch.

  94. Our range uses ethical ingredients.

  95. We do not contain parabens.

  96. We do not contain mineral oil.

  97. We do not contain sulphates.

  98. We do not contain paraffin.

  99. We do not contain DEAs.

  100. We do not contain GMOs.

  101. Congratulations! You either read all 101 reasons to choose Frankly Eco or you skipped to the end which hopefully means you didn’t need 101 reasons to be convinced. Either way ~ enjoy shopping our natural plant-based range!


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