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Baby Bum Cream to the Rescue

I didn’t plan on discussing products in my blog posts – I really wanted this space to be about how awful Donald Trump is and why the Australian Government is an embarrassment by conducting a postage poll to ask humans if other humans can get married (go figure?).


However, as a Mum who understands the struggle to find products that really work, I felt the need to share with you the overwhelmingly positive response we have had to our BABY BUM CREAM and why it really is working. I'll be sure to get back to some more thought provoking articles down the track.


Firstly, I wanted to let you know about the process of perfecting this cream. I went through 11 different samples (that's A LOT of different ingredients). I trialled each sample on different skin conditions and conducted extensive research on ingredients which will help with this sometimes chronic and very common condition – nappy rash.


My test dummies included myself, my children, my friends and family, and their children. Anything red on their skin would end up with a sample of the BABY BUM CREAM being applied to the affected area. We trailed it on bites, sores, sunburn, eczema, dribble rash and nappy rash over a 12 month period.


Nappy rash is usually at its worst in our house when the little ones are popping out teeth from the back of their mouth (molars). My bubba’s poo would be foul smelling, lighter in colour and acidic. Last time this process went on for about eight weeks and no matter how many times we changed their nappies we would end up with a red and sore bum. A theory as to why this happens is the breakdown of the gum in the process of the new teeth coming through, causing a gastrointestinal upset. Ouch! Poor babies.


I wanted a BABY BUM CREAM which acted as a natural preventative and treatment option. I wanted a cream that delivered results quickly. I added naturally occurring zinc oxide as a barrier to moisture and therefore as a preventative to the nappy rash, as well as some delicious (actually edible) oils to help repel moisture from the skin.


My treatment ingredient for nappy rash (& every other rash-like condition!) was the addition of native Australian Tea Tree Oil (or the fancy scientific name Melaleuca Alternifolia). Australian Aboriginal people have known about the benefits of this anti-bacterial ingredient for thousands of years and we were eager to use this particular ingredient for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory purposes. We wanted it to be gentle yet effective!


Below I have included some customer feedback on our BUM CREAM so far which we are thrilled to share with you:


“My daughter Eva came back from child care with a really red bum and a spot of redness on her inner thigh – close to her butt. I had bought your BABY BUM CREAM as part of a pack and didn’t think I would use it much. I applied the cream after her bath and put a clean nappy on. The next morning there was not a dot of redness left on her butt or leg. I now refer to this cream as the 'miracle cream' as it really, really works.”


“The bum cream was magic! I have taken Frankie to the doctor numerous times with Nappy Rash that never heals and always bleeds (she gets it often). I ended up with medicated cream which just wasn’t cutting it. Your cream had cleared the entirety of the rash overnight. Absolutely AMAZING.”


“If it was appropriate for me to send before and after pictures of my two-year-olds’ bum, I would. I will definitely be spreading the word to my mother’s group and friends as I've finally found a cream which works quickly and effectively – thanks Anna & Lilly.”


My sister, Lilly (Co-Founder), and I knew we had developed a winner, but its been truly wonderful to have testimonials from other mums who are experiencing the natural healing benefits of our cream. It is the reason we do what we do and makes all the hard work well worth it. Healing baby bum's is our mission!


Thanks for taking the time to read and stay tuned for some before and afters (no bums, just on skin redness). Until then shop our BABY BUM CREAM!


Anna x

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