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Vegan Skin Care Benefits: The Eco in Frankly Eco.

January 11, 2018


At Frankly Eco, we believe… We do not inherit this world from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.


Climate change is happening now, and if we want this world to thrive for future generations we need to take action. Big or small, we need to do our bit to be 'eco'. 


By sharing our story, we aim to infor-moo of the facts and inspire you to act. Make 2018 the year you make a change (or many!)


When developing the Frankly Eco range, we wanted our products to have minimal environmental impact.




In addition to our desire to exclude certain nasties/toxins for health reasons, we were determined to use only plant-based and cruelty-free ingredients for sustainability (definition: avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance).


So, here are the...



Top 5 ways we put the ‘eco’ in Frankly Eco.


1. We’re Plant-based (vegan)

If not anything else, we’re plant-based. This in itself means we have less environmental impact than other non-vegan brands and products.


Frankly Eco is proudly registered by the Vegan Society. This is proof we do not and have not involved the use of animal products, by products or derivatives and do not or have not involved testing of any sort on animals.


Because of this, our little vegan brand is helping to realise the following environmental benefits:



Reduces Green House Gases

Did you know 18% of the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions in our air are caused by livestock (chickens, pigs and cows)? These animals distribute a gas called Methane into our atmosphere. Together with CO2, these greenhouse gases are some of the main contributors to global warming because of their heat-trapping properties. However, the heat-trapping effects of Methane are stronger than those of CO2. Over a century, it’s 34 times more damaging and even more so over a shorter time period at 86 times.


So, the equation is simple really… reduce the demand of meat, reduce the amount of Methane and therefore the effects of global warming which could be irreversible.



Conserves water

Livestock consume more fresh water than anything other being on earth and are also one of the biggest polluters of fresh water. The more livestock the world replaces with plant matter, the more water there will be to go around, and the better quality it will be!



Cleans soil

Raising livestock usually leads to deforestation which accelerates climate change. Clearing land of trees that provide nutrients and resilience (by turning CO2 into Oxygen) to make room for the livestock to roam also means there are less trees to store carbon.


A diversity of plants will nourish soil and lead to long-term environmental resilience. We need to learn to love plants and choose plant-based options as much as we can.



Reduces Energy Consumption

Raising livestock takes lots of energy. It takes a long time to raise animals because they consume a lot of food grown on land, which could have been put to other use. Meat also needs to be shipped and refrigerated (fridges need power) and meat takes a long time to be processed from slaughterhouse to your plate. Compare that with walking outside your back door to pick some veggies from your veggie garden (plus having your own veggie gardens is a great activity, especially for kids!)



Purifies the air

Plants purify the air! While animals contribute more air pollution than all forms of transportation put together, our colourful plants help us to breathe. Without that, we’re dead.

Living a completely vegan lifestyle or being ‘vegan’ takes dedication and commitment in today’s world (although it is slowly becoming more mainstream). However, even if you’re not ‘vegan’ you can still reduce your meat consumption and choose vegan products. Collectively this can help make a big difference. So next time you’re shopping, do your best to choose products which are free from animal products, by products and cruelty-free.


Our Co-Founder, Lilly, and her family are now vegan after being vegetarian for over 6 years. Lilly is passionate about living this lifestyle for both the health (that’s a whole other story) and environmental benefits. While our other Co-Founder is not vegan, Anna chooses to incorporate some poultry, fish, eggs and dairy into her and her and her family’s diet – no red meat or pork. In saying that, Anna is inspired by the commitment it takes for Lilly and her boys to be vegan so watch this space…


We’d also like to take this opportunity to point out things can be ‘vegan’ that aren’t good for the environment or your health due to the inclusion of synthetic or man-made substances, chemicals and refined sugars. This is why we prefer to use the term ‘plant-based’ - because all our ingredients are just that (beautiful, natural, gentle plants!)

2. We use recyclable bottles

Our bottles are plastic grade 1 PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). PET plastic is one of the most commonly used plastics in consumer products because it does not alter the substance contained within (which is why most cosmetics are bottled in plastic or glass). Just so you know, we did consider glass, but we were concerned about it being unsafe to use glass, especially around babies.


While PET 1 plastic is intended for single use applications, IT CAN BE RECYCLED to make new PET bottles and polyester fibre.


So here’s our request: Please recycle your bath and beauty products correctly by rinsing the bottle and placing it into your recycling bin. Unfortunately lids are not recycled as they’re too small and fall through the scanners, but here’s a little trick…


Place your lids into a recyclable container and secure with it’s container lid. This ensures they are passed through to be recycled.


Who knows, the products currently sitting in your bathroom could find their way back to you in the form of a new Frankly Eco product (win, win!)




3. We eco package

Our product packaging (post boxes and eco-wrap) are made from recycled cardboard and paper and both are 100% re-usable and re-cyclable. Feel free to wrap your next gift in the eco-wrap and/or post box, or use it to send your next interstate or overseas gift.




4. We deliver using Aus Post eParcel
With eCommerce continuing to grow in Australia and globally it was important to us to choose a delivery partner who recognises the importance of reducing their environmental impact. Australia Post consider the social, ethical and environmental dimensions of their supply chain. Their Supplier Code of Conduct outlines standards, which include ‘Impact on the Environment’. Also, we figured their trucks are already on the road!




5. We educate

Simply by sharing this blog post, we hope you've learned something you didn't know before. As an ’eco’ brand we will continue to share important information and resources which aim to educate you (our loyal followers and customers) on environmental issues and what you can do to make a difference. 



To learn more, here’s a list of resources we highly recommend:


As Frankly Eco grows, we will continue to invest more in reducing our environmental footprint.


Going 'eco' isn’t always the most economical (or convenient) option for businesses, especially small business as it does come at a cost. But for us, there’s no greater investment than securing a sustainable world for our children.







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