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The Animal Lover in Me (& Frankly Eco.)

In our household my husband and I have a profound love of animals, a passion for our health and are mindful of the environment. This is evident in what we choose to consume and also what we put onto our precious bodies - especially now because of our son Lenny. 


We follow a vegetarian diet. I choose to make ethical food selections and purchase organic food from my local wholefoods shop where possible. I enjoy cooking for my family and watching my little man Lenny consume foods that I know are good for him.


My passion and love for caring for animals doesn’t stop with not eating them. I prefer to source vegan alternatives for all sorts of products I purchase for my family.


The day I realised I didn’t need animal bi-products to be a part of my skin care regime was a happy day for me on behalf of all our fury and feathered friends in this world. 


For me especially, it was an absolutely must that NO animals would endure pain and suffering, or death in the making of our Frankly Eco range. Instead we choose to trial Frankly Eco on our very own family and friends!


Frankly Eco is proudly vegan and NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. We formulate gorgeous skincare products without having to use any animal or animal bi-products.


We source plant-based alternatives to commonly used animal bi-products and our ingredients have been approved for use as they are harmless - AND I love that we were able to trial them ourselves. Due to the natural plant-based ingredients we put in, we were able to focus on discussing components like consistency and scent without having to worrying too much about how the products would react on our skin.


As our skin is our largest organ I can't stress enough the importance of using good quality, natural and vegan skincare, that when absorbed into our bodies won't be harmful in any way.


Lilly x


Lilly studied Education Support, with an interest in supporting kids who have trauma related backgrounds. Lilly loves spending time with her young son in their veggie garden and has an array of adopted dogs who come into her care. She is a vegetarian and passionate about plant-based products which leave the smallest possible footprint on our earth.



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