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The Origins of Frankly Eco.

Nipple Ointment. I was studying for my Diploma in Breastfeeding Management and had been working with lots of women who found there wasn’t much choice in regards to nipple creams or ointments to help soothe sore or inflamed nipples.


When I looked into this further I realised not only were the options limited, but the options women did have were not of the natural plant-based variety. From that moment on I went to work to develop the first Frankly Eco product - the Nipple Ointment to give all women who chose to breastfeed a natural, plant-based and safe nipple ointment alternative.


Carefully selecting key natural ingredients to ensure the ointment would protect, soothe and repair sore or cracked nipples meant I ended up with a product that can also be used on other delicate skin areas such as lips, elbows or on itchy bites. It's versatility meant we had to bottle it into a bite-sized tube designed to be kept and transported in a woman's handbag everywhere she goes!


By now I was hooked. I wanted to develop more products I knew, as a Mum, I would love to use. Just as I channeled my background in Breastfeeding Management into the Nipple Ointment, I channelled my education and training in health science and my interest in the human brain (as well as my own experiences as being a Mum) into developing the beginnings of an entire skincare range for humans big and small.


The second product I developed was the Bath Wash. In most countries people don’t bath their kids every day but due to higher temperatures here in Australia we do most days. Therefore, it had to be gentle enough to use everyday and to not strip precious baby skin of natural oils or leave any residue. I also knew I wanted it to be low in fragrance to make it suitable for sensitive skin types. Oh, AND... I am constantly running out of baby bath at home, so it had to be bottled big.


The main ingredient I wanted in all the products was Aloe Vera. In Adelaide we have a beautiful big Aloe plant out the front of our house and I have always used its precious juices for various aliments on my boys. It's soothing and calming, and the perfect partner in most of our products.


I also wanted our products to be low smelling, but with a hint of freshness about them. That is why all sorts of essential oils feature throughout the range.


My facial mist was a little add on at the end. I love putting a facial mist on throughout the day and I wanted this to feel crisp and refreshing on the skin. I know this seems like an unusual product but believe me, it is something you’ll become addicted to!! I apply throughout the day and even my husband thinks it's amazing. He often sneaks some on when he comes into the Frankly Eco office.


All of our products are gentle and kind. Just as we want humans to be to each other - and this is where the Frankly Eco brand was born.


Frankly Eco had to be a story for me. I am passionate about social issues and how we treat all humans (babies, children and adults!) With so much hate in the world, Frankly Eco aims to spread messages of hope, kindness, joy and love through our products and our social outlets. If Frankly Eco can inspire just one person to think about how their actions affect others or help them understand a certain social issue they may not give much thought to usually, then I'll be happy.


Hope you enjoy Frankly Eco and skincare range and if you would like to contribute to our Frankly Speaking blog section please email with your story!


- Anna x


Anna Scullie has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health) and a Diploma of Breastfeeding Management. She has a strong interest in human evolution and brain development in infants and children. Anna has two young boys.




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