Protective and soothing for a sore baby’s bum (and other areas where those unwanted irritations appear!). This 'wonder cream' features Melaleuca Oil and can significantly reduce skin redness within hours - including eczema and psoriasis within days. We highly recommend you read the product testimonials.


Yes! This product was featured by Eczema Association of Australia in their Quarterly Magazine. Read More*


Aboriginal people have known the anti-bacterial benefits of native Australian Melaleuca Oil for thousands of years. This, combined with naturally occurring zinc for moisture protection, makes this baby bum cream one your bubba will thank you for. Gently ensure the skin is dry prior to application, then apply to any red areas or use on your bubba's bum at each change to help prevent redness, skin irritations, and that dreadful nappy rash.


Also available in our BABY TRIO 1-2-3 step pack ($79.00) with our BABY WASH & BABY MOISTURISER. All three products are designed to work together to cleanse soften, soothe and protect using natural plant-based ingredients.



Baby Bum Cream 120ml

  • Nicknamed our WONDER CREAM because it can reduce redness and soreness within hours.


    It's been tried and tested by the Australian Eczema Association and parents have reported successful use on their child's eczema, clearing redness overnight.


    Can be used on other skin areas - not just baby bums - including in between baby’s creases (anywhere there’s a potential moisture build up).


    Use it as a preventative barrier cream as well as a cure. Natural zinc combined with Melaleuca Oil acts as a natural anti-bacterial moisture barrier and can prevent skin irritations caused by moisture. Apply at least once daily or until next bath.


    Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way. One tube, when applied once daily, can last up to 6 months on average.

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